The materials for the session can be found on the PowerPoint (“Teaching Younger Years”). The PowerPoint has notes which outline the content and other information which might be useful. This session should take around 60 minutes to complete, but please feel free to be flexible on timings depending on student interest. You will need a projector to show the slides. In the session students will be asked to create a piece of work of their choice to teach younger students about what they have learnt in Project Real. Depending on resources, you may want to suggest creative activities such as:

  • hand drawing a poster. In which case they would need paper/coloured pens
  • designing an online poster/PowerPoint/Canva/Publisher. In which case they would need access to computers with the software you want them to use.

The aims of this session are to:

  • Summarise lessons from Project Real
  • Revise how to spot fake news, photos, people and videos online
  • Create a resource to teach younger people about what students have learnt from Project Real



  • As with the previous sessions, the session starts with the SHARE guidelines. Please remind students of these from the last session.
  • The starter activity is a pair or small group discussion activity, where students are asked to note or mind map as much as they can about what they have learnt during Project Real (5 minutes).
  • The main activity involves asking students to create an activity (online or by hand) to showcase their learning to younger students. Please encourage students to use the SHARE guidelines (Source, Heading, Accuracy, Retouched and Errors) (35 minutes).
  • You might want to ask them to showcase their work to others in the class or to use their work for a display. If you choose to do this, you may not have time for the closing activity.
  • If your students come up with some creative ideas for activities, please do share them with us and we can look at including them in future iterations of the materials. If we do this, we will contact you and discuss how to credit them and your school for their input.
  • The final activity is an assessment. This is an optional task, which you may want to use to assess learning. Please ask students to work on their own. (15-20 minutes). On the PowerPoint, the questions are shown the first time through and then repeated with the answers. The answers will pop up or flash on a mouse click. We have given some example answers, but students may come up with their own. Alternatively, we have also provided this as a word document which you can give out as a formal test.
  • We also include an exit pass asking students to write down the most important thing they have learned in the course.

This session is the final session of Project Real.